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Ex-professional athlete, certified personal trainer. I am very active, avid surfer and big into all types of fitness. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment from my clients after each session is completed. Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, everyone has to start somewhere.

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Do you want to train in your home, outdoors, the gym or group setting? Well you came to the right person because I can accommodate all those needs.

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“I started training with Ryann back in June 2020. Prior to working with Ryann, exercising was a very low priority for me. My lack in physical activity was not only affecting my fitness, but was also starting to impact my mental, emotional, and energy levels.
I knew I needed a change of pace, but I’ve never been the type to visit a gym. Even if I could bring myself to go, I didn’t know the first step to starting a training regimen that would work for me. I figured a personal trainer would be the best route.
After reaching out to several local trainers, Ryann really stood out as he seemed to understand exactly what I was looking for. He offered a very custom approach that wasn’t intimidating for a beginner. Each workout is challenging but not overwhelming and no two days are alike. He’s also friendly and we connected right off the bat.
Over the past several months, I’ve seen a huge difference in my energy level and my physical appearance. My mood has also improved overall and I look forward to my workouts which is something I don’t think I’d ever thought I’d say before. Thanks to Ryann, I’m very pleased with my results so far and look forward to continued success and achievements.
Neil S.

Well , let me first say , I am glad I took the leap and went ahead and hired a personal trainer . Ryann was by far the most caring and catered to all my complaining , whining and excuses, but I could tell he knew I really wanted to improve my overall health. He is not your “normal” trainer. Ryann thinks outside the box and that is what made me very inclined to keep going to him. If your looking for training along with excitement and surprises , this is your go to guy. I highly recommend his personal training services . If he put up with me , I am sure he can deal with anyone 😊

Salvatore S.

Ryann changed my entire outlook on life. When I mean he goes above and beyond your needs, he goes even past that. His love for fitness is addicting. Just when you think it is starting to get “dull” it changes right away. He kept me eager for my next session. I am still currently training with him after 6 years. I truly suggest to trying Ryann out , you will not regret it.

Nancy S.

Well I am not a big review person but Ryann got me off the couch (was a couch potato) so I owe him a review. When he said I would be sore I always said no I’ll be fine, but I was sore , good sore. I have gained a ton of more natural energy . Now when I sit on the couch it’s only to watch movies at night (but I still want to move around). Overall Ryann helped me become a better version of myself that I did not think was possible. Definitely recommend!

My life was at an all time low and I decided to reach out to Ryann, because he did not seem like the normal , lets go to the gym type trainer and just workout. He had a different feel to him, and would accommodate any training session in any environment, which I needed because going to a gym can be intimidating. I went from eating overloaded meals (mostly lunch and dinner) , weighing over 200lbs only at 5ft3, smoking 2 packs of cigarettes' a day before I met Ryann. He transformed my lifestyle completely. I lost almost 90lbs, i quit smoking and now am in the process to become a certified spin instructor! I cannot tell you enough how much he did for me. He made training fun, we went to all types of different locations and kept me wanting more. I really suggest you consider Ryann to be your next personal trainer (or first) he we will go above and beyond to meet all your needs. I am proof!!!

Rosalie S.

Ryann is the man! He’s a huge reason I started seeing progress at the gym. He’s really down to earth but still knows how to push you. RSL Fitness has my highest recommendation!


10/10 recommended. Accommodates to your fitness goals, never repeats the same workouts, very unique high intensity. Flexible and motivating!! Have seen progress!!

Michelle B.

RSL Fitness

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